Our Brands


We are proud to have four individual and unique brands under our Northwest Grown roof.
Each adheres to our high standards while bringing a different cannabis experience to the marketplace.

Northwest Grown

Our flagship line features cannabis products hand-selected for top quality and size. Northwest Grown is more than just a name – it is a lifestyle, representative of the adventure and quality of life found in the Pacific Northwest. It is our goal to ensure each of our products lives up to that name.

1g bag
3.5g bag/jar
7g bag/jar
14g jar
28g jar

M. Jane

Our M. Jane line includes cannabis products in convenient forms, including pre-rolls and concentrates. Each product is carefully crafted from our high quality cannabis to provide a user experience unlike any other.

1g Single
.5g 2 pack
.5g 4 pack

3.5g Jar
7g Jar
14g Jar
28g Jar

Bag O' Weed

Our Bag O’ Weed products serve as an option for those looking for where high quality and greater affordability meet.

Bag O'Weed flower
3.5g bag
7g bag
14g bag
28g bag


About Northwest Grown's Production and Processing

Our fully permitted and licensed state of the art facilities were created from the ground up to provide perfect conditions for growing the finest cannabis on the market. We started by sourcing the highest quality genetics from around the world and then brought those genetics to our passionate team. .
All our girls are lovingly nurtured indoors in a completely controlled environment where CO2, humidity, temperature, air movement, lighting and nutrients are constantly monitored and micro-adjusted to provide an exceptionally consistent and high-quality product. This ideal environment combined with the proven professional growing systems we employ produces a product that lives up to the tradition of our farm, where quality has always been at the forefront of what we do and a mantra of our dedicated team members.
All our products are fully tested by state licensed and certified testing labs for potency, mold and other contaminants before being offered to our select retail partners.