Northwest Grown products come from our family owned and operated fifth generation farm at the foot of Washington’s pristine Cascade Mountains.

With our commitment to quality comes a commitment to effectively combining innovation and tradition to handcraft the finest products for our customers. Take a look around our facilities and see for yourself how our top of the line technology and natural surroundings help us to embrace our roots as we work to bring you some of the highest quality cannabis on the market.



Our fully permitted and licensed state of the art facility was created from the ground up to provide perfect conditions to grow some of the finest cannabis on the market today. We started by sourcing the highest quality genetics from all over the world and then we brought those genetics to our passionate team.

All our plants are nurtured indoors in a completely controlled environment where humidity, temperature, air movement, lighting and nutrients are constantly monitored and micro-adjusted to provide an exceptionally consistent and high-quality product. This ideal environment combined with the proven professional growing systems we employ produces a product that lives up to the tradition of our farm, where quality has always been at the forefront of what we do and a mantra of our dedicated team members.

All our products are fully tested by state licensed and certified testing labs for potency, mold and other contaminants before being offered to our select retail partners.